Catfishing: What it is, how to spot an imposter, and what to do about it




These days, more and more people are falling in love online. Social media, dating apps and messaging services make it easier than ever to find a partner, and even if there’s distance between you, nothing can stand in the way of true love.

Mujer enamorada

At some point of your life, you’ve probably felt attracted to some stranger you met online. And why wouldn’t you be…? He or she is charming and has incredible photos, and you have so much in common! However, when you fall in love online, it’s important to always tread carefully, because when you’re fishing in a sea of data, you just might catch something known as a “catfish.”

Do you have an online boyfriend/girlfriend whom you’ve never met face-to-face? Do you find it strange how neither their phone nor computer has a camera, so you can’t have video chats with them? Ever wondered why your online partner always gets into a car accident every time you try to meet up in person? Be careful, because the person behind those sweet texts may not be who they say they are.